Natalie and Stuart’s colourful and seasonal autumn wedding flowers

Autumn wedding flowers UK. Both colourful and UK seasonal, was the brief for Natalie and Stuart’s October wedding. With photos kindly shared by the brilliant Tony Hart I am going to share with you some of their autumn wedding flowers story.



I love dahlias, are they Autumn wedding flowers UK?

This was one of the first questions that Natalie asked me. She very honestly admitted that she didn’t know a lot about flowers but she knew that she loved dahlias. This is a question that I absolutely love because I can then explain about flower seasonality. All my flower designs where-ever possible are seasonally led and I just love to use the best flowers from each time of year to create beautiful and stylish wedding flowers. I also love to use British flowers and if they are grown locally in Hampshire, even better!

So my honest answer to Natalie’s question was that they are late summer into early autumn flowers and October is just on the cusp of the tail-end of the dahlia flowering season. For outdoor grown dahlias, they flower their little hearts out right up until the first frost and then literally overnight, that’s the end of their season for another year.





The bridesmaids are wearing a deep berry shade, can we get seasonal wedding flowers to compliment?

Another great question and as I love berry shades, it was easy to answer and happily yes! You see, in my opinion flowers look so much better, they look more natural and the stand out in the photos much, much better if they COMPLIMENT the bridesmaids dresses, rather than matching or contrasting to heavily.


ATTACHMENT DETAILS bridesmaids-and-their-autumn-wedding-flower-bouquets


Are there any other flowers in particular that you like, or are you happy for me to put a seasonal collection together for you. Collections that will work for all of the bridal flowers as well as the reception table flowers?

This was my next question to Natalie and really, my favourite question to ask all of my brides. And as she trusted both my taste and my experience Natalie was more than happy to have one less job to do and leave me to put together the best flower combinations for her bouquets and displays.


bride and groom at reception surrounded by their autumn wedding flowers


The Groom really wants a white rose buttonhole for him, the best man, ushers and dads. What can we do to make them feel autumnal too?

I was loving this conversation, another really good question! And one of my favourite go-to autumn elements are berries. So that was what I suggested and what we went for. Stuart even sent a text to Natalie on the morning of the wedding when he received his buttonhole deliver to say how fab the boys buttonholes looked……simple, stylish and seasonal!




Everything planned for Autumn Wedding flowers UK

I had my brief, I had artistic licence to choose the best flowers for the season and Natalie had full trust and confidence to relax and enjoy her big day. Even a little rain on the way to the church couldn’t spoil a thing!




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Photos very kindly shared by Tony Hart Photography
Venue: Tithe Barn, Petersfield