Roses, Romantic Wedding Flowers



Romantic wedding flowers often follow the hearts and flowers of a Valentine’s Day celebration.

February of course is the time of year when we all turn our minds to roses. Generally red roses, but this month I want to look at others too. The softer shades of roses as romantic wedding flowers are white, cream, ivory and muted vintage shades, all-time bridal favourites. The rose family is huge and so well suited to the romance of a wedding.

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Your ideal wedding florist ~ 3 Top tips in choosing the best wedding florist for you


JANUARY~ A new year, exciting plans ahead and 3 top tips in choosing your ideal wedding floristCalender pages, wedding florist.


Finding your ideal wedding florist maybe on your New Year list of things to do. January is always the month for fresh beginnings and to plan ahead. With newly engaged couples, this is no exception. Planning a wedding is a lot of work, but can be great fun too. To help you find your ideal wedding florist consider 1.Recommendations 2. An Experienced Professional 3. A Specialist Florist

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Introduction to my new website design

Introducing my new website design!

Welcome to my lovely re-furbished new website design! I’m thrilled to be starting off a new year with a shiny, brand new-look website. The new website still has lots of the previous much loved information but this time now offers a host of exciting new features.

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