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Winter Wedding Colours~Rich reds or winter white?

Winter Wedding Colours

In December, the winter wedding colour question is often raised when considering wedding flowers. Rich reds or winter white? ~It’s often a dilemma!

Colour themes for  a winter wedding, as all weddings are extremely personal and are hugely, a matter of taste. What suits one bride will not necessarily suit the next and that is the great thing for me as an event florist. Every wedding is different and each time of year offers new choices to work with.

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Hydrangea Wedding Flowers

October enjoys the continuation of fabulous hydrangeas. Hydrangea wedding flowers have been hugely popular to this season’s bride.

Through the latter summer weeks we have seen more and more colours and varieties coming through the flower market. At this time of year most of our supply comes from Holland. However, the Colombian growers have been adding this flower to their commercially grown portfolio. The Colombian colour choice is much more limited, but they are able to offer availability throughout most of the year.

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Autumn Fruits, Berries & Ornamental Vegetables

September is the month for autumn fruits, berries and ornamental vegetables and the flower market is bursting with all of these wonderful things. I just love using as many of these seasonal treats in my wedding decorations as I can.

 I absolutely thrive on the changing seasons and all of the new and exciting options that a new season brings with it.   Autumnal elements can be added into bouquets to compliment the dresses, incorporated into large displays to wow and in table decorations to enthral. They can add so much character and additional interest to a whole wedding.

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Dahlias for Wedding Flowers


Red dahliaThe Dahlia plant originates from Mexico and according to the National Dahlia Society was introduced to Europe over two hundred years ago. The plants initially went to Spain and then afterwards, on to England. Today in the UK we can enjoy them commercially as cut flowers from late summer through to early autumn.

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Blue Flowers for Weddings

Blue flowers that are suitable for summer weddings are varied. The bridesmaids dresses that are on trend at the moment are some of the most wonderful blues and so it’s great fun to find a flower to compliment.

As a round up selection to high summer blue flowers that July has been offering, here are a few of the floral treats that have been available in great complimenting shades of blue.

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Sweet Peas – June flower of the Month

Sweet Peas are wonderfully, lightly scented flowers. They make the ideal option for any June wedding and their secret meaning is blissful or delicate pleasure.


The Latin name for Sweet Peas is Lathyrus. Native to Sicily and Southern Italy they were introduced to England in 1699 by a Sicilian monk named Franciscus Cupani.


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Meadow picked wedding flowers

Inspired by a meadow-picked theme for your wedding? Ask your florist to help you choose key areas, flowers and containers to create this country look.

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Flower of the Month – Tulips

March has got to be the optimum month to enjoy the full range of tulips and of course we naturally think of tulips from Amsterdam.

windmill with pink tulipsThe rise of the tulip probably all started in Holland with “tulip mania” in the mid 1600’s. A time when the Dutch love affair with tulips pushed the price of tulip bulbs up beyond compare.  Resulting later, in the famous crash as the bubble inevitably  burst.



Today, the Netherlands is the world’s largest producer of tulip bulbs, nationally yielding somewhere in the region of 4 billion bulbs each year. Approximately half this quantity is used for commercially cut tulips covering almost 200 different varieties with more being added every year!

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Roses, Romantic Wedding Flowers



Romantic wedding flowers often follow the hearts and flowers of a Valentine’s Day celebration.

February of course is the time of year when we all turn our minds to roses. Generally red roses, but this month I want to look at others too. The softer shades of roses as romantic wedding flowers are white, cream, ivory and muted vintage shades, all-time bridal favourites. The rose family is huge and so well suited to the romance of a wedding.

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