September is the month for autumn fruits, berries and ornamental vegetables and the flower market is bursting with all of these wonderful things. I just love using as many of these seasonal treats in my wedding decorations as I can.

 I absolutely thrive on the changing seasons and all of the new and exciting options that a new season brings with it.   Autumnal elements can be added into bouquets to compliment the dresses, incorporated into large displays to wow and in table decorations to enthral. They can add so much character and additional interest to a whole wedding.

Here are a few pictures of some of the goodies that I saw this week at the flower market:

Pink and white snowberry ~ perfect to incorporate in autumn vintage weddings.

pink and white snowberry

Cultivated blackberries ~ fab to use and are especially lovely with a range of rich colours through the various ripening stages of the berries. They are also thorn-less and so are an absolute joy to the hands when using!

Cultivated blackberries

Hypericum berries ~an ever expanding range of colours available as well as size of berry too. A small selection here of wine red, bright red, orange, peach, and green.

mixed coloured hypericum berries

Agapanthus seed heads ~ hard to recognise its former display of blue or white trumpet shaped flowers now transformed as deep purple, almost black seed pods.

purple/ black agapanthus seed pods

Physalis ~ or their common name, Chinese lantern. You might have eaten these when the lantern is opened and pealed back to expose a decadently chocolate dipped berry! A great way to finish a meal with your coffee in a fancy restaurant or for fun at home. They also add a huge colour impact to any autumn vase.

Tall orange physalis, common name: chinese lantern

Viburnum berries. Viburnum is a huge species of plant grown throughout the UK that pretty much offers a flower, foliage or berry for every month of the year. This time it is the turn of viburnum tinus which offers us these gorgeous metallic blue berries. I love using these and in turn, help support our British growers.

 metalic blue viburnum tinus berries

English Eucalyptus berries.  Again, supporting British growers these wonderful curving branches of silver grey foliage together with beautiful little clusters of berries – a double bonus to add charm and grace to any tall glass table vase arrangement. The eucalyptus looks particularly good teamed with vintage pinks and soft mauve.

english eucalyptus flower & berry

Other treats. Still loads more lovely autumn favourites to look out for over the next couple of weeks including 6ft long hop bines, yellow, orange and red crab apples, rose hips, ornamental gourds, stems of ornamental chilli’s and peppers and the list goes on, can’t wait!