Hampshire Florist – Snowy Winter Weddings


Snowy winter wedding with bride and groom


Winter weddings and a romantic dusting of snow.

Winter weddings and the S word! We all love it, and how romantic does a snowy backdrop look in wedding photos! As the song goes, I’m dreaming of a white christmas. But in actual fact, it’s more likely to be snowy or wintry at the beginning of the year in January or February. As an example, I’ll share with you in this blog some winter wedding ideas for your bouquet, your venue decorations and of course your table designs.


Vase filled with white flowers and silver foliage


Winter weddings, what does that mean for the dress and for the flowers and decorations?

Lots of lovely things is the short answer to that question. For instance, take the dress. When else can you wear a fur-lined hooded dress? Fabulous. A truly fabulous and glamorous way to dress for and celebrate getting married in the depths of winter.

Snowy wedding & church flower arch

Complimenting the Dress with a Winter Bouquet

Fur-trimmed sleeves, neck-lines or hoods are complimented so well with soft tissue-like runnunculars or velvety red roses. In addition, perhaps even downy white feathers to form a collar to the bride bouquets would work beautifully. A perfection reflection of delicate fluffy snowflakes.


Brides bouquet of red roses and white feathers

Venue decoration at Winter Weddings

Use the season, I urge you, even in winter. Or shall I say, especially in winter. Flowers may not be naturally quite so bountiful in the first quarter. However, gorgeous winter treats that are available to use include:

    • Silver and white dipped twigs or even leafless trees
    • Natural twiggy branches
    • Moss and lichen
    • Oversized white incurve Chrysanthemum blooms
    • Pots and clumps of white winter hellebores and dainty snowdrops


winter white, the kennels, Goodwood

Winter Tablescapes

Full-on romantic and elegant winter tablescapes are breathtaking. I love to combine tall taper candles with low-level tea light candles in beautiful glass votive holders. A subtle scented candle is a must in my opinion. However, fragrance always needs to be stylised carefully and unscented candles for the dining tables and fragranced candles on sideboards and other furniture is my mantra. In addition a mixed selection of different shaped and size vases add texture and arranged with white flowers and silver grey foliages capture the outside snowy winter vibe perfectly. I can almost see the glistening snow outside!!


Winter styling with white plants, candles and flower vases



I hope that this blog has inspired you to embrace a winter wedding and to make use of all the gorgeous elements that are available in these short months. You never know, you might even get snow as a backdrop to your photos! But if the snowy gods don’t deliver on the day I’m sure you can see how your big day can still sparkle as a wedding winter wonderland.


winter tablescape -the kennels, Goodwood