Hampshire Luxury Wedding Flowers – 5 Ways to be inspired by a Royal Wedding Floral Arch

Princess Beatrice & Edoardo Wedding day church floral arch


A Royal Wedding floral arch is the ultimate wedding flower inspiration for any bride-to-be. Along with hard copy magazines and online editions, think Hello!, Brides magazine and regional guides. Then consider Social Media and I would say in less than 10 years. Pinterest has become many a bride’s best friend. However, society weddings and a Royal Wedding in particular always gives forthcoming brides the ultimate inspiration. Sometimes even aspiration for show stopping blooms and displays. It follows true with last weeks wedding of Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi’s very own intimate wedding in Windsor.

Less is more with a statement Floral Arch.

Last Friday, when Princess Beatrice married her Italian count, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. She showed the onlooking world that flower-wise, when it comes to a Royal Wedding a floral arch “less is more”. But the church flower arch was brimming with beautiful blooms you might be thinking. And indeed your would be quite right. However it was one very lovely STATEMENT display. So Princess Beatrice demonstrated that by having one fabulous display around the doorway really gives the WOW factor. As opposed to loads of little decorations everywhere which really is much less impactful. Bringing us back to the phrase “less is more” when done well, rather than “less being less” when overdone with lots of small displays.


Full church doorway floral arch

Inspired to have a Full Floral Arch?

Most churches lend themselves to an arch of flowers and how wonderful is that! The flowers framing the doorway at the Royal Chapel of All Saint’s at Royal Lodge, Windsor for Princess Beatrice demonstrated what a fabulous photo backdrop the botanical display really is for the photos. So, whilst the service might be the shorter part of the day. It’s a completely special part of the day and one that is remembered with great photographs.


Church crescent shape floral arch

A Crescent Arch

Not all flower arches have to be, or should be full length. Opting for a crescent shape which works to compliment the shape of the church architecture also works really well. Fullness though is key here and can be finished off with foliage trails as an additional option too.


Asymmetric flower arch

Contemporary Pillar or Asymmetrical Arches

A pillar arch is a display of two flower pillars, usually positioned either side of a doorway or a feature. These pillars can be the same in size and shape. Or, by contrast one can be significantly shorter, creating an asymmetrical decoration. The designs for this style can vary hugely and can give great scope for creativity. Just as wedding venues, churches and marquees all can benefit from asymmetrical decor and adornment. An asymmetrical arch will always give a flower designer scope for floral visual balance when a room or a setting may not have symmetry. These designs are flower arches with a slightly contemporary twist, perfect for any modern bride.


Ceremony floral arch - sarah legg photography


Freestanding Ceremony Floral Arch

Bringing a floral arch inside is such an exciting flower decoration. It will tick all of the previous points

*Creates a statement display
*Gives a perfect photo backdrop
*Can by asymmetric

Harry & Megan wedding day floral arch

Haute-Couture Wedding Flowers

Flowers, as in the fashion world offer luxury and haute-couture. None more so than at a Royal Wedding. Whilst it would be lovely to have a royal budget naturally not all weddings can be so flower centred. That’s perfectly realistic, however this is where inspiration comes in and we can be inspired by a Royal Wedding floral arch but translate that to our individual weddings. So just as the fashion world of Haute-Couture and designer brands starts on the Paris and Milan catwalks before filtering down to the high street. So too can Royal wedding flowers filter in scale and be an inspiration for country or city weddings alike.

Princess Beatrice & Edoardo with HRH the Queen and Prince Philip

I hope that you have drawn a little inspiration from Princess Beatrice’s wedding flowers and in particular from her glorious floral arch. It was such a joy to see her married last week. Despite the covid problems and restrictions she still had her day. She looked wonderful and so happy in the recently released photos supported by the Queen and Prince Philip. I think that gives us all a little hope in difficult times.

Charles and Camilla Wedding with Queen Elizabeth II



William & Catherine wedding day


I loved seeing her wedding flowers, just as I loved working on Royal Weddings myself. Please see my blog telling you more about my working on the flowers for Prince Charles and Camilla together with Prince William and Kate’s weddings, respectively. It is also especially lovely for me to take inspiration from some of the Royal weddings that I have worked on and bring a little Royal wedding fairy dust to all my current brides-to-be.

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