Springtime wedding in April flowers

April Weddings, a springtime celebration and 10 seasonal flowers to choose.

If you are planning an April wedding you might be wondering what flowers will be in season. After a long winter, we are all enthusiastic at the prospect of Spring and April weddings will doubtless, be looked forward to with huge excitement. Meet that anticipation using seasonal flowers and you will instantly and totally, capture the springtime vibe. To help you, I have put together a collection of 10 all time favourite seasonal flowers that will definitely be a winner for your wedding.


Spring flower table decorations


1.Tulips grown in England, to adorn April Weddings

Tulips are in the height of their flowering season in April. This means that all the different varieties are available to choose from, and there are loads! One of my own favourites is the Parrot tulip with it’s amazing textured ruffled petals. Other varieties include single and double flowers together with frilly tip petals, lily shape and extra-long stem, French Tulips. All are available from specialist English tulip growers [naturally with the exception of French Tulips] and are available in every colour and hue that the rainbow has graced us with.


cream tulip bouquet for Springtime wedding in April flowers


2. Daffodils and Narcissi

What could be a more spring-like flowers than daffodils and narcissi? They probably have to be the most quintessentially springtime flower. But don’t limit yourself to thinking yellow. These April flowering beauties also tick the box for pristine white, soft creams and pinky apricot colour schemes. There are large headed trumpet flowers, miniature growing bulb daffodils and scented narcissi to choose from. Again, April gives the widest choice of Daffodils and Narcissi, Just perfect for April Weddings!


 Flowers British Narcissi


3.Heavenly Hellebores


British flowers, pink hellebore


I can never get enough hellebores, that’s why you’ve got two pictures to enjoy!  Elevate this elegant flower to the brides bouquet and choose to co-ordinate the reception guest tables with vases of hellebores too. Colours range from white, pinky shades through to deep purples [green is also available though not the most fragrant of flowers!]


spring white brides bouquet


4.Syringa, also known as lilac

Syringa, or lilac with it’s subtle scent is a luxury flower with a short flowering season of just a few weeks, so well worth enjoying if you can. If you opt for English grown syringa beware of availability though. Whilst I would champion English grown without a doubt, April rain showers will spoil the flower. If the plant is in full flower and there is heavy rain it will cause the flowers to go brown, known as rusting and sadly ending the flowering season prematurely. Colour range is white, lilac and deep purple.


syringa or lilac flowers


5. Fragrant Freesia to feature in April Weddings

Again, freesia offers a delicate fragrance and is available as a single or a double flower. Most of the freesia currently available has lovely long stems and is great to feature in a bride or bridesmaid bouquet, as well as mothers corsages and reception table decorations. Colour range is white, cream, yellow, orange, red, lilac and purple.


Springtime wedding flowers for April, Mothers freesia corsage


6. Irresistible Iris

Iris have tall stately stems with flashes of yellow along the flower petals.The colours range from white, yellow, apricot, pale or dark blue, lilac and purple.


mixed coloured iris flowers


7. Magical Muscari. The something Blue for April Weddings

Exquisite little blue or white flowers, perfect for your something blue! Delicate short stems are perfect for bridal bouquets, flower-girl posies and grouped vase collections on reception guest tables. Muscari is available as a cut flower or  growing on the bulb, which can make stunning planted guest table decorations. This is also a good option for friends or family to take home with them after the wedding and plant in their gardens as an annual wedding keepsake.



8. Beautiful Blossom

In Japan, April is know and Cherry Blossom Season and visiting flowering cherry trees is a national pastime, and there are loads to see! Inspirational Instagram images are popping up everywhere of beautiful blooms against a stunning spring blue sky and a reminder that again these gorgeous flowers are only around this month. Celebrate and make the most of of stunning blossom branches displayed in large urns for the ceremony or statement venue decorations.



Apple blossom and blue sky


9. Romantic Ranunculus for April Weddings

If you love peonies but are getting married in spring then you definitely need to consider ranunculus. These romantic multi-petalled flowers are usually smaller in head size than a peony, making them perfect for romantic brides bouquets  [there are also some extra-large, flower head varieties, which incidentally carry an extra-large price tag too!]. Ranunculus are thirsty flowers and if you are using them for guest table decorations, low level vases suit them very well, so they can take up water and look stunning throughout the wedding day. The colour and shade range is ever increasing each year, and is currently available in white, cream, peach, orange, yellow, pale, mid or deep pink, purples and even stripy/mottled varieties.


Springtime flowers for an April wedding - White ranunculus brides bouquet


10. Chic Calla Lilies

Sculptural and architectural in form are these super chic flowers. Also known as an Easter lily. The name really references it’s natural flowering season, making it the perfect choice for April weddings. Callas are available in short or long stem length, which makes them perfect for brides, bridesmaids and flower-girl bouquet and posies. It also makes them a perfect choice for taller, vase, venue decorations.


Calla lily bouquet


I hope that you enjoyed reading my suggestions for 10 seasonal flowers to choose for your springtime wedding in April. I love using seasonal flowers whenever I can, and if you would like to talk to me about your up-coming wedding next spring please do get in touch by visiting my contacts page and lets talk flowers!

Credits: Brides bouquet including hellebores kindly shard by Hayley Savage Photography