Wedding Flowers in Hampshire – My 5 Easy steps to book your wedding flowers in Hampshire, Surrey or West-Sussex even in uncertain times!


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Booking wedding flowers in Hampshire, Surrey and West-Sussex., in 5 easy steps. Even in the most uncertain of times that we currently find ourselves in. In this blog I’ve summarised the booking process involved in organising your bridal, ceremony and venue wedding flowers. From early research to the bouquet and buttonhole delivery on your big day. Every step of the way is outlined in a super simple and easy way to manage your wedmin. You’ll be happy to know how easy it can be even if you’re not a floral expert and despite being in the middle of a pandemic!




1. Researching wedding flowers in Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex

Researching your wedding flowers can often start a year or so before your wedding day. It’s not unusual for me to receive enquiries and date availability a year in advance. So right now, you might find that you have a little extra time available. Whether you are on furlough or working from home with zero commute times. If that’s the case, now is the perfect time for you to begin. Just as in normal times [the old normal that is!] it’s a really good idea in my opinion to start as early as you can. Begin by considering the kinds of arrangements that you think you might need for your big day. Just the outline, nothing too detailed. Of course, when starting out, brides often turn to the internet to begin their on-line research. Popular tools for many a bride can be found in social media.

research tools, pc & mobile


Pinterest, Facebook & Instagram

  • 1.Open a Pinterest account and start to gather images to form a suggested mood board. This can be a helpful start and loads of fun but, be advised. There are zilllions of images on Pinterest and it’s sooooo easy to fall down a rabbit hole whilst there. So, it’s good to highlight a few images though too many and you can be in danger of overwhelm! It’s also important to ask your florists opinion of the images. They will happily advise if the images are scalable, relevant, seasonally correct and practically do-able!
  • 2. Follow your favourite florist on Facebook or Instagram and you’ll find the link to mine at the base of the blog. This is another really good way to see some of their previous work and to connect with them. Don’t forget that florists love to talk about flowers. So, if you see a flower in a post that you don’t know the name of. Or if you want to know what colours a flower comes in ASK. I love those questions!



peach blush wedding bouquet


2. Website

Explore your favourite florists website, and welcome to mine! Spend a little time there, read the about page to understand a little background. Past blogs will also give you the florist view on much wider, yet related topics. Far from image only. The website, particularly the blogs include other useful subjects such as sustainability and spotlight on local venues, or partner suppliers. You’ll often get insight of the wider flower world as well of course of news within the wedding industry. It follows that a deeper dig rather than a brief scan of the gallery page will give you a lot more valuable information.




3. Check availability

No doubt after your initial research you’ll want to email or call your favourite florist to enquire on their availability. FACT: dates for this year are going fast. You will now be alongside all of the couples that have already booked for 2021. Not forgetting that the pandemic has caused a whole season of couples to postpone their 2020 weddings on a year. Diaries are definitely filling up. So, to avoid disappointment my advice is to get the ball rolling and make contact as soon as you can.


Autumn ceremony arch at Farbridge. Photo by Sarah Legg photography


4.Your complimentary consultation for wedding flowers in Hampshire, Surrey & West-Sussex

I offer a no-obligation wedding flower consultation to all of my couples starting out on their wedding flower journey. This initial consultation is usually approximately 60 minutes long. It is also with my compliments and totally without charge. Subject to current and ongoing government guidelines, consultations have switched to take place on the phone or with a zoom call. Person to person meetings at my flower studio are always available when allowed and is safe to do so. At the studio we can not only discuss your potential flowers, but you can also view vases. There’s often so much more to think about, including, urns, plinths, lanterns, candles and other props you might like to include.


Ceremony urn arrangements, plinths, lanterns and candles



5.Your personalised estimate

Following your complimentary consultation, I always write to summarise our conversation. Each couple receive a personalised and tailored wedding flowers estimate, including their full wish list. Then, to offer maximum flexibility. I offer unit pricing rather that a single bottom line figure. From here you can mix and match the price points of your flower arrangements within your flower budget. Together with your estimate you will also receive your acceptance form. If you like the ideas in principle and wish to secure your date simply return the acceptance form together with the booking fee and you’ll have secured your chosen date. Adjusting quantities and finalising requirements can be firmed up later on in the planning process… don’t have to know all that at this stage.


Louise Avery presenting bride with her bouquet Cain Manor Hampshire wedding flowers


Making your booking for wedding flowers in Hampshire, Surrey & West-Sussex

Just in case you have any questions about your estimate, I arrange a telephone call, usually the week after your consultation. I am always happy to clarify or further advise on floral decorations and this is the ideal time. If you then feel that you like to go ahead and secure your date with me all you need to do is return the acceptance form together with a booking fee and you’ll be safely in my diary. On receipt of both the acceptance form and the booking fee a confirmation letter will be generated and sent out to you for your files. Congratulations, you’ve just booked your wedding florist!


wedding flowersi n Hampshire. Bride and groom toasting glasses


I hope that you have enjoyed reading my 5 easy steps to booking your wedding flowers in Hampshire, Surrey and West-Sussex. These are my usual three county delivery areas. This is my tried and tested booking method that I have used for over 20 years and which brides love to follow. However, if you would like further reading on wedding planning please go to my blog page for more top tip blogs. https//

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