Hampshire Wedding Florist – 5 Reasons to choose Seasonal Wedding Flowers

Seasonal wedding flowers to me are the most connected. Moreover, you’ll also find them to be the best priced, the most reliable and the most sustainable. Additionally from a florists point of view, they are the  best to work with. But most of all, seasonal wedding flowers are the most beautiful. In this blog post, 5 very simple reasons are highlighted. In thia blog you’ll read why to opt for wedding flowers that are based in each of the four seasons. Please read on and see why seasonal wedding flowers are truly a celebration in their own right.

I love to choose seasonal wedding flowers whenever I can for my bouquets and wedding decorations.


Brides bouquet - image courtesy of My Beautiful Now Photography Seasonal wedding flowers

I think that it is such an important idea to base your flower selection on each specific time of year. So with this in mind, I thought I’d share with you my key 5 reasons to choose seasonal wedding flowers. Floral seasonality can be applied throughout your bridal flowers and venue decorations. This is something I love to offer all of my couples.


Winter tablescape - photo by Peter Reynolds photography Winter seasonal wedding flowers


Best Prices. Who doesn’t love a bargain? However, it is really important to understand that better priced flowers doesn’t mean cheap flowers. There is a WHOLE difference here. When flowers are in their regular season pricing simply comes down to supply and demand. This is where being savvy and choosing seasonal wedding flowers work best. Let’s think about tulips for example.


mixed tulips on display at the flower market

If you’re having a spring wedding you’ll find that tulips are abundant. You’ll also be spoiled for choice with available colours and varieties. Greater quantity at this time of year means that the prices are reasonably set. However, if you want tulips in July or August specialist growers use temperature controlled conditions and can provide them. But and this is the big BUT, not in as greater quantity, so as there are fewer available, the prices are higher. My advice? Choose tulips in the spring months. Then you’ll find you will get more for your money, which means they are better priced, better value, not cheaper.


white tulips - Spring seasonal wedding flowers


Flower heads are bigger. Seasonal flowers will have grown at their usual rate, rather that being forced on or held back. Natural growth rate allows for the heads to develop to their optimum size. So,  considering large floral displays for your big day? This is another really good reason to opt for flowers belonging to the right time of year. Larger flower heads will, without a doubt give your statement arrangements more of the WOW-FACTOR.


Tall Table Vases, photo by Helen Cawte Photography.

Stems are stronger. Next, if you want your wedding flowers to last well and look amazing in the photos they must drink well. This will happen if the stems are good and strong.This point is linked to the flower size that I have just mentioned in the above paragraph. It is all about flowers growing at their natural rate. Weak stems cannot properly support the flower heads and so will not look as stunning in a display. By contrast and as a florist speaking here, strong flower stems are great to work with.


Louise Avery, flower arranging on site. Botleys Mansion

To choose seasonal wedding flowers will give your wedding florist the opportunity to work with a better product. This in turn will produce for you a better display which will look fab in all your pictures.


Autumn ceremony arch at Farbridge. Photo by Sarah Legg photography. Autumn seasonal wedding flowers


More Sustainable. Sustainability is something that we are all beginning to care about. More and more of us are increasing our sustainability awareness. So, by choosing seasonal wedding flowers that box is ticked too! Seasonal flowers have a much lower carbon footprint as less energy is used in their growing process. Energy to heat or cool glasshouses for the optimum growing conditions. If you are in the UK and choose seasonal flowers they are more likely to have grown in the northern hemisphere. Naturally this immediately reduces international transport and makes them more sustainable. I love the hashtag that has become so popular on instagram. I’m sure you recognize #grownnotflown to summarise British grown flowers and foliages without flight miles. Supporting British growers, building the UK growing industry and supporting small businesses all help to make our flowers more sustainable


sweet peas. Summer seasonal wedding flowers

Enhance your theme. Creating the right vibe for your wedding is one one my favourite reasons to choose seasonal wedding flowers. Imagine getting married in the depths of winter. If I were to conjure up decorations with silver sparkle twigs, rich evergreens and bowls of crisp white snowdrops. Without a doubt, you and your guests are instantly going to get the winter wonderland vibe.


winter white, the kennels, Goodwood


Then by contrast, imagine planning a June wedding. Flower filled architectural urns on plinths transport to a summer garden . Filling these urns with multi-petaled peonies, fragrant garden-style roses together with stunning spires of lupins, foxgloves and delphiniums. Pool that beautiful flower collection together in delicate soft pastel shades and finish with fabulous sage green giant hosta leaves. That’s definitely a collection to set the scene for a beautiful, romantic, English summers day.


urn & plinth arrangement. Summer seasonal wedding flowers

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this blog. Also that you now feel inspired to choose seasonal wedding flowers for your big day! For more information or to book your complimentary wedding flowers consultation, please follow the link to my contact page. https://www.louiseaveryflowers.com/contact/


summer marquee.


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