A green and white colour scheme for your Hampshire wedding this year.

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Each year I am really lucky to be able to work on a select number of Hampshire Weddings. In this blog I outline my most topical five reasons or current top-tips for choosing a green and white colour scheme for your wedding, this year above all years. Naturally, as I am a Hampshire based event florist my advice is particularly geared towards stylish Hampshire weddings.


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1. You can never go wrong!

With all of the present uncertainties, what a relief to be given a piece of fail-safe advice. And that’s it, you can never go wrong with a green and white colour scheme for your wedding flowers. It’s a timeless colour palette which means that the flowers in your wedding photos will always look current. Together with timeless, neutral coloured flowers are a classic though as a juxtaposition, they are perfectly on trend and of course are wildly romantic in look.


hampshire weddings - silver urn of white flowers



2. Successful Hampshire weddings, when nothing will clash

No matter if you are having a church ceremony, followed by a marquee reception. Or if you will be exchanging your vows in one of the many county, country house hotels. Green and white will always work for stunning Hampshire weddings.

Of course, the combination needs to be tailored to each venue and the decor and that’s part of the magic of personalising your wedding with your chosen flowers. So, for example, if you have a country house hotel with a busy carpet in the dining room green and white flowers won’t fight for visual attention. Similarly, decorating a church with small windows and not much natural light bring other challenges to the floral displays. However, just a little green foliage backing pristine white flowers will allow the flowers to stand out well. And again, if you are having a marquee reception with an ivory lining and ivory table linen it would be wise to ramp up the use of green foliage to compliment your preferred white blooms. Which in turn, offers greater depth to the displays.


Barn with candelabra table decorations, winter white flowers

3. Flower availability for Hampshire weddings

In the first quarter of this year, it has become clear that there is shortage to flower supplies in Europe as well as in the UK. However, by being savvy with your wedding flower colour scheme you can be confident that your chosen palate will always be available. If there is less colour choice of shades of pink flowers, or yellow, or blue [you get the drift] there will always be white. White is a staple and you’ll be onto a winner.


Hampshire weddings, cain Manor , Ring of cream and white flowers including ivory roses



4. Locally grown flowers for Hampshire Weddings with a lower carbon footprint

Hampshire is the perfect county for flower and foliage growing. This has become a real movement over the past few years, with more and more county growers popping up, especially with the support of organisations like Flowers from the Farm.

Happily, as a southern county spring comes a little earlier to Hampshire. Which in turn warms the soil earlier too. By contrast, at the end of the season the autumn frost hit a little later. This in combination offers the Hampshire flower farmer a slightly lengthened growing season. All of which directly benefits local flower production for Hampshire weddings.


Growing white dahlias


5. The best flower choice for every season with a whiter shade of pale

Green and white is of course an undeniably fresh and vibrant combination. Though the colour palette can of course be expanded to ivory, cream and blush for a little warmth if required. And it follows on, that white flowers lead the way for choice in all four seasons and here’s some insight to the seasonal floral cut-flower calendar.



spring white brides bouquet



hampshire weddings at Cain Manor, Brides Rose Bouquet



dahlia bouquets





White ranunculus brides bouquet

winter white tablescape


If you enjoyed reading my five reasons to choose a green and white colour scheme for Hampshire weddings this year. Then you might also like to read my blog on bridal party flowers and who should be included. 

Also if you are thinking about your wedding flowers, please do get in touch, I’d love to talk to you about all things flowers!

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