Love is in the air, and Valentines Day is fast approaching! So don’t forget to order your Valentines flower delivery in Liss or one of the nearby towns and villages that fall within my local delivery area.

Valentines heart box. Pink and red flower delivery in Liss

Bouquet Flowers

For a bouquet flower delivery in Liss, or nearby. Imagine how excited your partner will be when they receive a stunning, bespoke bouquet! Especially one that is already expertly arranged in a glass vase, or even in a heart shaped box and beautifully gift wrapped. Delivering flowers is one of the nicest parts of my job as people are always absolutely thrilled and delighted when they come to the door and see their name on the gorgeous flowers that I am presenting to them.

 pink& red fresh flower gift bouquet delivery in Liss

So what are the options if you are tired of mass produced and predictable supermarket Valentines bunches? And instead, you would like flowers that are individually created and just well, tailored! That’s where I can help. You can easily order one of our generous Valentines bouquets, that are individually created and totally hand made.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make Valentines Day a very special one this year, with one one of my florist choice bouquets. AND, if you want your flowers go out on the 1st van delivery of the day, you just need to place your order nice and early and we’ll do the floral magic.

Valentine seasonal pink & red gift-bouquet


Kind Words

“I was surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Louise. They are absolutely stunning & I can’t stop looking at them! Many thanks Louise”
                                                                                                                                  Carolyn Edbury, Hampshire

Flower delivery areas

If you are thinking of organising a flower delivery in Liss, or one of the surrounding villages this Valentine’s Day. You will be pleased to know that all of my bouquets are personally delivered by me or one of my team. I never use couriers that don’t know how to handle flowers and who chuck them around in the back of a delivery van. So look no further, as I deliver gift flowers to all of the local towns and villages. Many of the most frequently requested areas include:


Google maps showing Louise Avey Flowers

Red roses

These may traditionally be your thing and if so, I’ll make a special order for you. But you might want to think about their back story

Bouquet of red roses

Red roses of course have long been a classic choice for Valentines. From a single red rose through to the classic dozen and of course beyond. However, roses don’t need to be the only flower to opt for to show your love. You may also be interested to know where they will be coming from and how they have been grown. Provenance isn’t just for food!

As we are in the northern hemisphere, the natural rose season for us is the summer. And so now, here’s the thing to juggle the natural season. It’s about meeting our UK out-of-season demand for roses on this mid-winters Valentine celebration. Flower wholesalers and florists rely on growers to mass produce eye-watering quantities of red roses. This of course is all for a globally recognised saints day. Roses for us to enjoy in February, in the UK either have to be hot-house grown in Europe, or grown in hotter climes like Africa and South America. A February rose journey can start being internationally grown and freight transported before becoming a local Hampshire flower delivery.

Seasonal spring flower alternatives

 English grown tulips and narcissi

However, you may prefer to send your beloved flowers this Valentines day that are seasonal and locally grown. This might be either here in the UK or in Europe [and in the bigger picture internationally, we have to count Europe here as local]. To work toward this option we as florists and flower wholesalers turn to the flower farmers for spring flowers.

Vase Bouquets for delivery in Liss

Even as the first spring flowers start to appear in our gardens, its fair to say that  the commercial season has always been one step ahead of our garden blooms. So to align ourselves for a seasonal selection in February we have to have a little mind shift. Of course we can still opt and celebrate with RED, the classic colour of love. But how about thinking tulips, freesia, ranunculus, anemones, hellebores and even amaryllis? Considering throwing out convention this year and opting for non-red flowers? You can also add gorgeous pinks, blues, yellow, white and beautiful peachy tones into the list with hyacinths, narcissi, daffodils, pussy willow and cat-kins.

Red tulip bouquet, flower delivery in Liss

Flower costs at Valentines

Flower prices are always at a premium for a peak-period like Christmas, Valentines and Mothers day. Generally speaking this is basically due to simple supply and demand. Nothing more and nothing less. This year is exactly the same though I’ll give you a heads up. Like everything all-around us, flowers too have gone up recently. We have found that the cost of flowers over the past few years have jumped up, and up, and then up some more and they haven’t [and doubtfully will] come back down. Our old friends Brexit, covid and interest rates are the main reasons. So expect something beautiful from your locally delivered flowers in Liss and the surrounding villages but also expect the premium peak-period price tag.


champagne and flowers

Easy Valentine flower ordering for flower delivery in Liss, Hampshire

Ordering one of my Valentine’s Day bouquets is easy. You can email me for more information or go straight to my on-line flower shop and order there. Just follow the link you will be able to book your valentine floral gift there…….job done!

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So whatever flowers your choose to send to your Valentine this February 14th, make sure you book in good time to help your florist who’s organising such a busy day and also to avoid disappointment. Also, remember local deliveries and locally grown flowers if possible too!

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