Hampshire Wedding Flowers – How to make sure the right people are included to wear or carry bridal party flowers

Bridal party flowers, who carries them? Who wears them? And who should be included to have them? Wedding etiquette, what a mine field! Is it possible to get it right, keep the flower budget on track and not offend anybody? I’m married myself, in fact I’ve just marked my silver wedding anniversary. But most importantly, I’ve spent my whole career in the flower industry literally providing flowers for hundreds of weddings. Furthermore, I currently specialise as a wedding and events florist and in this role I am happy to uncover some of the wedding etiquette mystery, that surrounds the bridal party flowers.


Bridal party with bridal party flowers


The Bride, leading with the bridal party flowers

First and foremost the leading role in the bridal party in unquestionably the bride. Naturally the bride carries a beautiful bouquet. In my opinion, a bouquet that is seasonal and lightly fragranced with blooms, herbs or foliages. However, most importantly a bouquet that compliments her dress and her personal style.


Bride on venue steps holding her bouquet


Here Come the Girls

Bridesmaids are next and this of course includes a matron of honour, all part of the bridal party. The difference in roles really isn’t that great. The matron on honour would officially have this title simply if she is married. The girls are all included in the flower count though and each would carry a bouquet. Their bouquets might be similar to the brides, though smaller versions. Alternatively they could be quite different, if you choose. The colour of the bridesmaids dresses is the key part to compliment with the flowers and usually sets the colour tone for the whole wedding.


bridesmaids with bride holding their bouquets


Adorable Flower-Girls

These little people can easily steal the show with cuteness overload, so brides beware! Their main job is just to look sweet and they usually do this in bucket loads. They may or may not perform on the day which will largely depend on their age. Nonetheless, flower-girls are definitely part of the bridal party.


flower girls with posy and flower wand


A simple hand clenched posy, a floral fairy-wand or perhaps a basket of flowers to carry or petals to scatter might be their flowery options. This of course is based on the assumption that they are big enough even to walk, yet let along carry anything!


Flower-Girl baskets of flowers


The Boys are back in Town

And here is the count for the men’s buttonholes. This also might be a good point to add a little clarification to terminology here. Traditionally the men supporting the Groom are the best man and the ushers. The Americanism gaining popularity for this important group of guys is groomsmen. An usher and a groomsman are exactly the same, play exactly the same role but simply have titles from either side of the Atlantic.

Men in the wedding party wearing their buttonholes


And so this is the male list, to traditionally consider as part of the bridal party to wear a floral buttonhole:

  • Groom
  • Best man
  • Ushers
  • Pageboy / Ring Bearer
  • Father of the Bride
  • Father of the Groom



white country buttonholes


Groom wearing his buttonhole                                   


Last but not least are the most important two mothers of the wedding day. The mother of the bride and the mother of the groom both would traditionally wear a corsage. A corsage is a small spay of flowers worn on a coat or jacket.


Wedding party flowers, Mothers freesia corsage


So, that’s the bridal party flowers for you. Gone are the days of handing out a box of buttonholes at the church for any of the guests to take and wear. Today the bridal party is quite tight in size and that’s a good thing to keep manageable.

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